Monday, February 09, 2009

2 pix, by and of Luey...

There is so much sadness around, atm, with the Victorian and New South Welsh fire storms, I've felt very overwhelmed by it all, and just don't know what to say...

So, rather than blogging about that, I thought I'd focus on the things that make my heart sing atm.

Luey took this photo of Ari feeding yesterday, I thought it was a lovely photo and a perspective I never get to see. I don't have a lot of pictures of my babies feeding from an outside perspective because Dave won't really take them and I never feel comfortable asking any one else, so now having Luey or Erik to take these photos is great, and this photo, taken by Luey is lovely!

Then I took this photo this morning of Luey reading nursery rhymes to Ari in our bed. Every morning after Ari and I have woken up and I've fed Ari, I get up to go to the loo, and Luey comes into the bedroom and chats with Ari for a while before I change his nappy and bring him out to the loungeroom. It's their very special time together, and this morning Luey decided to read to Ari, so I had to have a picture of it!


Whispering Writer said...

It's truly heartbreaking what's going on at the moment - I am just hearing now that the death toll in the Victorian fires has risen to 126.
It's good to have something to bring a smile to our faces in these times. I love those photos, so gorgeous. Luey reading to Ari is precious. How old is he?
You really do have such beautiful kids and moments like that really warm the heart, don't they?
Take care of yourself!

Sif Dal said...

I was just saying to a friend this morning, everyone seems to know someone who was affected by these fires one way or another. It's very sad.

Luey is 7.5 and Ari is three months old :).

Good Job!