Sunday, February 01, 2009

Celebrating the good of January!

Well, by the clock it's now February, and I've been thinking how January 2009 was a bit tough, tougher than I anticipated it being - I was so very much looking forward to this year starting with so many plans and things I wanted to get on with, and then I had a few hurdles throw in my direction and it's so easy to want to get all negative and "can't do"... So, I thought that for the beginning of February, I'd have a little reflection on how I was blessed in the midst of it all in January!

  • Thanks to mum having been through her gall bladder attack and operation in the last half of 2008, when I had my attack on New Year's Eve and going into New Year's Day, I had a fairly good idea what it was. So, even though the doctor in the emergency department didn't believe I was having a gall bladder attack, I knew to go to a GP and insist on an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed my inflamed gall bladder that I might otherwise have gone on to ignore (putting my health in further jeopardy)...
  • When the subdermal inflammation "grew" in my right breast, even though it was very sore, and later turned out to be mastitis, I was very lucky that the blocked duct was so close to the surface of my breast that it was able to "release" out of one of my pours and resolve itself. As well as that, I didn't suffer the high temps and body aches so many women suffer with mastitis, AND it was my first ever bought of mastitis in 9.5 years of breastfeeding!
  • Because of the gall bladder issues, I've been FORCED to improve my diet, even though I'm not eating any animal products, I'm now *much more conscientiously* eating fresh fruit and vegies and this has resulted in weight loss (which was one of my goals anyway)...
  • It was very fortuitous that because of the impending heat, a friend offered to have a large get together I was going to host, at her house, where there was more room for people inside in a/c coolness, because the day I was set to have all these people over, we had no electricity, so the boys and I had somewhere cool to retreat to while waiting for our electricity to come back on AND we had great company as well!
  • The holidays have been pretty good, with the big boys getting to do swimming classes for a week thanks to K.rudd's stimulus package, as well as having fun equipment to amuse them in the yard (again thanks to Uncle Kev).
  • Ari really settled into the "outside the womb" life, and has become a very relaxed little mini buddha :).
  • Dave has had a lot of time off during these holidays and has been home to offer practical and emotional help - particularly wonderful during this last, hot, trying week! He's also finally "got it" wrt getting his licence and is very close to booking his first 5 lessons, yay!
So, in february, the boys will go back to school, and Bryn and Ari and I will get back into our "routine". I will see a specialist about getting my gall bladder out (hopefully very soon - I'm going to lay it on *thick* wrt needing something done sooner rather than later). I'm going to become well aquainted with a breast pump while I prepare for said appointment and hopefully for surgery. I will also be starting work on my thesis (something that ended up not getting off the ground in January). It's going to be a month of changes. Good changes!

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