Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lots of little goodies this week!

Well, February really DOES seem to be kicking off to a more positive note than January did (for me, personally)...

So, here are a few of lovely things that have revealed themselves just since Monday...

  • Bryn has gotten a place in his old Tuesday creche session, which means he gets to see Sienna at creche again (he is soooo happy!).
  • Bryn also got a creche placement at the creche in the neighbourhood house where we run BaBs on Wednesday, so that I can take him with me and he won't be bored silly and disruptive (and Dave doesn't have take Wednesday off when there is work available).
  • Bryn is sleeping in his own bed (and all night long too!), so Dave is back in our bed with Ari and myself!
  • Erik and Luey are going to drama and pottery classes (respectively) AND someone is picking them up from school, taking them there and then bringing them back home again for me!
  • Erik's best friend has also enrolled in the same drama class (did so after finding out Erik was doing it).
  • There is a possibility that Uncle Kev might be giving us another big chunk of money in the next few weeks.
  • Dave's parents are paying for him to do 10 drivers lessons (as a start), woot!
  • Our gas bill arrived - $35 in CREDIT (that's the second bill in the last 10 days, both in credit), so my regular installment strategi is working, YaY!
  • We got a letter telling us that we can claim back 50% of school costs for each school child, this includes internet connection!
  • Mum finished her Masters Thesis novel, and read the first chapter to me over the phone, and two of the characters in that first chapter are two little boys named "Erik" and "Luey"!!!
Lots of little things to smile about at the moment!


Leah said...

Great post!! Yay for all the little pieces falling into place.

Amanda O. said...

Such a lovely thing to have happen when everything comes together! And a *huge* YAY on Dave's going to be starting driving lessons!!! :-D I love the fact E & L are two little boys in your mums book too, what a cool little 'inside secret'!

Good Job!