Saturday, February 21, 2009

Never let the details get in the way a proud moment...

Luey came home from school absolutely BEAMING the other day...

L: Mum, guess what! I've got a RESPONSIBILITY at school!!!

Me:: Really?

L: Yes! I'm the kidsnet monitor!

Me: WOw, a lidsnet monitor!

L: It's a big RESONSIBILITY!!!

Me: And what does the kidsnet monitor do?

L: I don't know (goes to his room still beaming with pride)


Jayne said...

LOL! How sweet! :D

Whispering Writer said...

Aww, cute, lol.

Amanda O. said...

ROTFLMAO! How cute is Luey! :-D (But now I'm curious, what DOES a kidsnet monitor do???)

Mr B said...

LOL how gorgeous !

Good Job!