Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Five months old already...

Actually, he turned 5 months old last Friday, but my head has been all over the place, so only just getting around to this now.

At five months, he now is 63cm long (10th percentile), 7.02kg (30th percentile) and has a 43cm head circumference (50th percentile)... I acknowledge that I'm overly pre-occupied with these stats, but he was so little when he was born, and I think that will always stay with me, and my boys all drop on the charts as they get older, so he started out small and might just get smaller (relative to other children), eeek...

So, yay for growthage!

His gross motor movements are becoming much smoother, and he's putting everything in his mouth.

This last month saw him having a little formula, which is something that really does rub me the wrong way. It irks me that we needed to "go there", even just for 1.5lt of the stuff, but I guess I'm going to have to build a bridge. It was necessary at the time, and it's well and truly behind us now.

He laughs when he's tickled now. In fact, he laughs all the time! All sorts of things make him laugh!

His new nickname is Squishy. Sir Squishy Squealsalot, to you!

Luey and Bryn were sitting unaided by 5 months, but Ari has decided to take some more time developing that particular skill.

His eyes are still mostly blue, and mum is convinced they'll stay that way as they're the same colour as her eyes when she was a child - with a yellow ring in the middle. Some days though, his eyes look positively green, light mossy green...

He's a great little communicator! Is very good at making his needs clear to all of us, and not just by crying, but also by smiling, grunting, and wiggling his body in certain ways to communicate different things: I want to be fed, I want to be picked up, I want that toy, etc. and so forth.

Despite not sitting just yet, and really actually HATING playing on the floor, he seems impatient to be able to MOVE and chase after the boys already. He lights up whenever any one of them comes within sight and then wriggles as if to say, "Let me down, I need to go with him now!"...


Kate said...

Awwww lovely little man, I miss him!!

Hope to see you both really soon :D

Oh and I'm stats obsessed too, but from the other end of the spectrum ROFL ;)

Amanda O. said...

Aw, I can't *believe* he's FIVE months old already... no way! I know it's bordering on cliche (okay, I admit, it IS one...) but here the heck has that time flown to that teeny tiny little squishy newborn is now a bouncy beautiful bubba?!?

Good Job!