Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Mother's Day with All My Children!

I'm rockin' Mother's Day today! It's been the best one ever!

I realised this morning that as Dave and I have now completed our little family, this is my first ever Mother's Day with all my children present! It's been a gorgeous sunny day, too!

I had a little bit of a sleep in this morning, and wasn't woken to arguing (you have no idea how rare that is!)... Then coffee and pressies and homemade cards! From Erik I got a potted flower (Chrysanthemum sp?) in pink, and a book of vouchers he'd made that I can "cash in" some time in the next year! From Luey I got another potted flower (it was all they were selling at the Mother's Day stall at school), in white this time, and a card. From all the boys together I got a lovely bottle of Moscato, which I will be enjoying some time very soon! And from Dave (even though I'm NOT his mother), I got a web cam with inbuilt microphone by Logitech, which I'm looking forward to trying out!

Erik and Ari and I went grocery shopping (LOL, I know that doesn't sound like a fun thing to do on Mother's Day but it was actually good to spend some time alone with the biggest boy)... Did a whole week's shopping for 6 people for $190 - and that wasn't skimping on anything. I feel like a total legend! And to top it all off, Ari fell asleep in the Baby Hawk on the way home and then transferred to the pram without waking!

Now to watching the kids while Dave goes and does grocery shopping for his parents, LOL, in many ways it's just another Sunday - but as Sunday's go, it's been a good one!!!

Happy Mother's Day to you if you're a mum!


Rachael said...

Well I'm so glad SOMEONE had a good mother's day LOL. I have to say mine was left a bit wanting. It just happened to be 'one of those days' I guess and none of us particularly at our best.

Anyway here's hoping us mums continue to be cherished (as we cherish our families) each and every day...:)

Amanda O. said...

Mine was a bit like yours sounds like SS...

OTOH how gorgeous is the idea of the first mothers day with all your children. *meltygooeymoment* And am -darn- impressed at shopping for six at $190! Holey moley!

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