Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How on earth???

I was listening to a writing podcast the other day and this writer was saying something about how one of his mentors had once told him that if someone told him that every good writer sits down between 8am and 12pm every day and punches out 5000 words and ENJOYS it, then they're LYING! This guy was saying that that was possibly true for most writers, that it's not really surprising that writer's find it hard to write because writers love words and like to use just the right words to express what they want to express and invoke the kinds of emotions they want to invoke... HOWEVER, in his particular case the above was in fact, TRUE. This writer honestly DOES sit down for 4 hours every day and writes 5000 words and ENJOYS his time writing...

What I want to know is HOW does he write 5000 words in four hours??? I've written NEARLY 5000 words, but it's taken me nearly 10 hours! Ok, so I'm sure he isn't pausing to breastfeed a six month old, or change a nappy, or make a honey sandwich for a 3 year old, or listen to the mind-blowiningly interesting tales the 50 year old spouse MUST tell him THAT MOMENT... But even so, 5000 words seems like a LOT of very fast typing happening in those four hours.

I would LOVE to be able to write 5000 words in four hours, I could get this novel done in 8 sittings! That's 8 days for a first draft, wouldn't that be MARVELLOUS! I wish I knew his secret!


Jayne said...

I could probably write 5000 words in 4 hours(if I could stop myself procrastinating in between of course) -now the fact they wouldn't necessarily be GOOD ones-we won't mention that ;-) I have absolutely no trouble crapping on-quite the opposite. However I admire people who can stick to word limits and not be so verbose. Don't worry about how someone else writes would be my advise-write how YOU write. And yeah-doubt he was breastfeeding, caring for a pre-schooler, doing school dropoffs pickups, all the other 'mum' stuff..

Jayne said...

oops I mean *advice*. LOL

Good Job!