Thursday, May 21, 2009

I must be mad (ok, so you probably figured that out already)...

I reached my goal of 10 000 words for the week today. On Monday
morning when i started writing i already had a word count of 750 words
from the previous Monday, but all the same, over the last 4 days i've
written over 9000 words - i'm pretty impressed with myself, i have to

My goal for this weekend is to get to 15 000 words because by the end
of the following weekend I want to have 30 000 words written.

This afternoon after finishing off the first ten thousand, I was
feeling a little cocky and found myself thinking about when I finish
this degree and how I'll finishing qualify for a doctorate.

That was the one thing that detracted from finishing my first Masters;
because I transferred from thesis to coursework after Luey was born
(because of PND), i didn't qualify to do a PhD. To me, it felt like i
had a Clayton's Masters (no offense to anyone else who has a
coursework Masters, this is just my neuroses speaking).

So today i was daydreaming about signing up for that PhD in writing
(yes, i must be mad!)...

Maybe i should just focus on finishing this degree first...

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