Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seven Months Old...

Ari has been through so many changes in just this last week, it's like he knew he was about to turn seven months old. Then there's the old cliche of "Where did those seven months go?" It's a cliche for a reason though, isn't it. In the blink of an eye we've gone from, "Finally, he's here!" to "OMG, he's just said his first word and is mobile!"

Just three days ago, Ari figured out that he can get around by scooting on his bottom. This seems to be an afternoon activity. Each morning he wakes up and has forgotten he can do this, but by about 4pm, he remembers again. Funny little guy! When Luey did this, I was worried because I'd read all the studies that suggested babies who don't crawl will have left-right hemisphere intergration issues that will affect their language and math skills and their ability to communicate their emotions effectively (resulting in life long heighted stress levels)... Anyway, even though Luey started bum suffling at about 6 months, he did eventually crawl and because he didn't walk until he was 14 months old, he ended up crawling for about 6 months in the end. Luey's language and math skills are just fine - his math skills are particularly fine. Luey certainly has NO ISSUES whatsoever communicating his emotional state, LOL. So, Ari following in Luey's footsteps doesn't worry me at all..

Two days ago, Ari started to use the word "Meh". Now, "meh" might not sound like a real word to most of you out there, but in our family it's the word for a breastfeed. Since the day he was born, Ari has been asked if he wanted "meh" several times every day. The other night I was trying to get him to say "mama" (yes, that's right, I was "coaching" my child to say mama, because the other three have all said "dada" first, and FCOL it's my turn, ok?). He thinks this coaching is very amusing. He cocks his head to one side and looks at me like I've lost the plot, and then smiles and laughs.

But then I was transferring him from the pram in the loungeroom to our bed, and as per usual he woke during this process. Usually, he'll complain a bit about being made to wait while I strip off to get into bed, but instead he clearly and calm said, "Meh!" And since then, he's been saying "meh" purposefully! My clever boy! He obviously figured that there was a much better use of the M sound. I'm not too fussed that he didn't say "mama", because, let's face it, "meh" is synonymous with "mama", isn't it?

Today we're off to the maternal and child health nurse. I'm betting he's about 8.2kg and hopefully he's crossed the 70cm mark - will be back later with details, I hear him stirring now!

ETA: Well, he's 7.950kg and 66cm short (rofl) with a 45cm - his head circumference being the only measurment above the 50th percentile, or even the 40th, LOL - obviously he's a complete brainiac!

The MCHN was a little concerned about the back of his head being a bit flat (it's actually not as flat as it was 2 months ago, but she sees so many babies, she's probably forgotten). She also thought he was a very serious little boy, but it's just a case of him being careful to intently study people when he first encounters them and only when they've passed muster will he bestow a smile on them (which he did at the end of the visit, and which she put in the notes, rofl, because that's important)... Besides, he has a cold... Back again in 5 months - though we'll be seeing her in two weeks for Bryn...

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