Sunday, June 21, 2009

Continuing the Weekend of Work theme...

Today's to dos:

  • Fold and put away 5+ loads of washing... this job was the biggest and most tiring of them all. It feels good to have all the laundry bins empty though!
  • Sort out boys toys in big boys room so Bryn can finally access the room freely. I should say, this job is MOSTLY done, because we've discovered we could really do with another set of drawers because of the boys ever expanding lego collection - will post pics when second set of drawers is up and running.
  • Swap out Bryn's books from bedroom and loungeroom so he can browse "new" books. Bryn could really do with some ACTUAL new books, wish there was a second hand book shop with kids books around here...
  • Hand over eliptical. And got rid of the Bumbo and tray as well - BONUS (Dave was really sick of tripping over the thing...)
  • Dishes
  • Vaccum throughout
  • Bake cupcakes


Juniper said...

Try op shops Sif - I always find heaps of good ones at op shops (kids books I mean).

Good on you for all your achievements!

Sif Dal said...

I don't know of any local op shops that are readily accessible to me on p/t - don't really have the time or energy for hiking out of my way with kids in tow...

Good Job!