Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laws of physics need not apply...

Time is doing weird stuff again. Time has a mind of it own, don't you think? We humans tend to think of it as linear, but there is no REAL evidence that it is linear, and for me atm, it certainly doesn't feel that it is.

On the one hand it's speeding by, my goodness it's nearly June 19th already. Luey's birthday is 6 days away, haven't even THOUGHT about his present (though, I'm sure he has, not that he's said anything to us - I need to take him aside and ask him when Erik isn't around to sidetrack the discussion). Then Erik is 11 days after Luey. Their combined party will be two days after Luey's birthday (last year it was on E's birthday). That'll account for the first weekend of the holidays. Going to Adelaide with Luey will take up the entire last weekend of the holidays.

Of course, while in Adelaide, i'm supposed to be discussing the first draft of my novel which I'm a long way off completing as off tonight - the looming (well, actually overdue) deadline probably has SOMETHING to do with my sense of time speeding along at warp nine...

And yet, I feel like I'm floating through space where time stands still or becomes irrelevant.

I have to get a grip though, because a few things (besides my novel) aren't getting done, that should be getting done, like

~ posting back public system referral for my eye operation

~ posting Bryn's kinder application

~ the washing! (Mt Washmore is rising!)

~ organising boys toys so that Bryn can't access special Lego but can access more interesting bigger (than he was6 months ago) boy stuff...

~ locate toys for Ari boy from garage

~ store eliptical unless interested parties want to pick it up soon

oh, and...

~ write that bloody first draft...

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