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Today's To Dos...

Ok, as Dave said to me the other day.. In the last 9 months, we've

  • Had a baby
  • Dealt with my gallbladder attacks, operation and adhesions
  • Dealt with FIL being very sick, MIL needing extra support to care for him
  • Dealth with Dave losing his job
  • Dealt with FIL dying and the funeral

So, can we have a break now??? Can life just run a bit smoothly for a little while? Can we try to rediscover a bit of boring old, NORMALCY???

Trying to put all of that behind us - and making the house run a little smoother so I can finish this degree this year... I'm referring back to my tried and trusted "grounding" exercise of SORTING THIS HOUSE OUT!

I always feel so much more centered when everything has a place and is in that place!

So this weekend will be about sorting the house out so it runs more smoothly. To that end, we're going to...

  • Do a general tidy
  • Move the old cabinet into the hallway, where it'll now be used to store car seats and school bags.
  • Move the hall table back to my study corner and put the laptop back on it, so I can type at a reasonable height without having to crouch over the bloody thing...
  • Move the changetable into the loungeroom and convert it to a printer and book stand
  • Take two of the baskets from the change table and put them on top of the old tv cabinet in the hallway; one for Bryn and Ari's nappy needs and the other for the hats and gloves that always fall out of the shoe stand and end up all over the hall way.
  • Sort out the toys in the boys room so the lego is out of reach of Bryn
  • Get the Thunderbird stuff out for Bryn, and maybe some other stuff the boys have in their room that they don't play with anymore.
  • Get some new toys out of the garage for Ari
  • Get some winter clothes out of the garage for Bryn
  • Put a bunch of boxes INTO the garage
  • Hand over the eliptical trainer to Shae
  • Microsort the clutter in the kitchen display cabinet (that's really beginning to shit me!)
Ok, off to take some before pics, so I have some comparison to show off later (mostly for my own sense of satisfaction...)


Leah said…
Good on ya Sif! I'm digging in to some org and decluttering today as well - the hardest part is making the decision of how things will run better and it sounds like you've done that!
Leah said…
Oh meant to say, that is a LOT to deal with in a year. You need to congratulate yourself on how well you've coped with it all.
Juniper said…
yeah, full on, you have had quite a year! As "Yazz" used to say, "The only way is up!" LOL!

As for decluttering/rearranging, I am impressed! You always do such a fab job! I agree with Leah, it is all about making the decision on how things will run better - and I no idea about that bit in my house LOL!

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