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In desperate need of warmth...

Oh no!

Thoughts on the culture of individualism and entitlement...

9 months

Action and reaction...

Did YOU ever put yourself in harm's way to spite your parents?

First school camp dilemma...

Language development musings...

Another weekly roundup...


How does this work???

And the photo she was trying to take...

Watching our plane pull in...

Waiting at the airport

Rainbow over Jacob Street

Saying g'bye to Jacob...

And the race is on!

Boys and their toys!

Powering along

1943 steam engine heating up

Luey driving the train!

Ari looking at an old american with Amma

Boomgates up!

Boomgates down!

Luey zooming along with the train!

Zooming along!!!

120 year old model steam train!

A steam propelled engine saw

Lettung off some steam!

Luey the train driver!

Ari is a new train enthusiast!

From the 1890s

The big table top set...

At Pastor Paul's personal train collection!

Oh peacock icecream at The Vine Inn!

Restaurant boys

A burger as big as his head!

Luey on Thomas!


At Semaphore Beach at dusk

What do you mean the icecream's finished?

Waiting to get on Thomas

Luey lost in the fun factory

Jumping castle fun!

Thomas show at the railway museum

Uluru, it is not...

Playing with chip packets is FUN!

At Amma's work...

Airplane food's alright, reports Luey...

Adelaide trip photo blog begins

My life as a marshmallow

Percussion boy...

The illusion of control...

Erik's birthday pics...