Monday, July 27, 2009

9 months

So, we're 3/4 of the way through his first, and this is what he's up to:

He's 67cm long and 8.1kgs

He sits and recently started turning around in circles on his bottom,
he can scoot forward about 1/2-2/3s of a metre, but doesn't do this

He still a gummy shark!

We're pretty sure his eyes will stay blue with yellow centres, they
sometimes appear green or grey.

His hair is dark honey blonde! (obviously, he has some now)

He says, Dadadad, hello, more, and Ah? (which means what? As in, "what
is this?")

He uses the up sign regularly now, LOL, but doesn't see the point to
using the milk sign, hahaha!

He's happy to spend time with D and the boys for a couple of hours on
Sunday afternoons while mum goes grocery shopping...

He started eating two regular meals a day at 8.5 months.

You tube puts him to sleep on Dadda every time when booby with Mama
hasn't worked it's magic!

His favourite toy is his wooden fishy rattle that we recently bought
from the giant rocking horse in SA.

He loves being spoonfed purée, especially if it contains creamed corn!

He has an intense gaze which he fixes on every new person he meets.
Only a selected few outside the family get smiles, and that is not
dependant on how well he knows the person...

He's a screecher - our first schreecher! - and mostly he screeches at
around 4-6pm, aka "screech-o-clock"

He completes us! (as a family)


Rachael said...

You forgot to say, and he's being gorgeous and beautiful!! Which he certainly is!

Sif Dal said...

Oh, i didn't say that because i thought it night be a bit rude to point out the obvious, rofl!

Good Job!