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Another weekly roundup...

Every week is a whirl atm!

This last week included

  1. Flying back from Adelaide last Monday and all the older kids off to school/creche on Tuesday
  2. Dave's driving lesson and shopping for medications for psoriasis after UV treatment on Wednesday
  3. Meeting up with friends on Thursday
  4. Grocery and birthday present shopping on Friday
  5. Birthday partying on Saturday
And today I've kind of just slothed about the house reading forums and doing the odd shelf tidy and 8 year old delousing head clippering...

Yes, on Friday night I received an SMS from a mum of another child in Luey's class. This woman's child had come home with lice, so she was just letting the class know. It crossed my mind that perhaps we were the only people to get that SMS, LOL. Anyway, so yesterday Dave and I both checked Luey and found baby lice - Dave only found one, but I was sure I saw more (coz, you know, the blind woman is more likely to see them, right?)... Erik, Bryn and Ari are all lice free, so being unwilling to take any chances, I took to Luey's head with the clippers.

In other Luey news. We've really been struggling to get Luey (and Bryn) to eat dinner in the past couple of months. Everything is "I don't like it" from Luey, or simply, "Ewww" from Bryn. I've been patient and tried to empathis, but when they wholeheartedly hoe into fish and chips and hot dogs and batman nuggets, my patience begins to wane.

So, tonight I told both boys to go to bed at dinner time, seeing as they weren't eating. I said they needed the extra sleep (30 minutes extra) because they weren't filling their bodies with nutrients to fight illness so they needed to rest their bodies more than the rest of us. Both boys said they'd try dinner (a vegan slow cooker hot pot full of veggies and lentils), but in the end Bryn turned his nose up and went to bed (he'd had meh already).

Luey did eat (yay), choosing to pick out the zucchini and mushrooms, but claiming he LOVED the pumpking, potato, onions, leeks, and most especially the lentils! Well, yay for small miracles!

That said, the boys all loved Dave's ham, cheese and onion omlette yesterday...

Speaking of vegan... This week I recommitted to veganism. I'm been here a few times in my life, but always fallen away because I like the taste of animal products. But the time has come to be true to my spirit.

For me, using animals goes against my spiritual beliefs. I've tried to rationalise my use of animals, but how can I have a closer connection with Spirit if I'm cannibalising others living beings - basically cannibalising myself. This is not a judgement of anyone else I know because my beliefs are based on my understanding of things, and other people's understanding is different.

Anyway, so I've been transitioning (I say transitioning because I've only had two truly vegan days this week, but vegetarian days all week), and today that transition is complete.

It's really hard for me to think about Christmas, but well, does "tradition" excuse ditching your own values? No, I don't think so. I've got a few months to come up with something really special for Christmas.

Dave and the boys aren't going vegan, but I am insisting that at least half our meals each week are vegan, and then I'll keep something alternative for myself on the nights they eat animal products.

Anyway, I'm eating so much better than I have ALL YEAR (even though at the beginning of the year I had to cut out all fat, so all animal products, but also a bunch of other yummy stuff that contains fat though not animal products)...

Today, for example:

I skipped breakfast (which isn't good), but then had a wrap with baby spinach and rocket, alfalfa and thinly sliced tomatos. For dinner, the aforementioned vegan slow cooker meal packed with vegies and lentils and pasta sauce.

So, it's been a big week!

This coming week is no smaller, hahaha...


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