Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude...

It's all too easy to get bogged down in the stresses of life. In some ways this last week has been quite stressful. I'm a long way behind on my thesis novel and time is starting to run short. Luey has been having a difficult time at school lately, and Erik has been suffering with insomnia (which I'm beginning to this is probably carried in the genes and he got it from me). My nanna had a stroke on Bryn's (and my mum's birthday), and well after Dave's dad, it's all a bit close to home...

But, then there is so very much to be grateful for and just the act of gratitude helps to bring peace to a troubled heart...

So, the 10 top things I'm grateful for atm...

  1. The weather has been so much better in the last few days, we've had sun and warmth and today I went out without any kind of coat or cardigan, and the cherry blossoms were out and the world just felt happier.
  2. I just read on a cousin's facebook that Nanna moved her left foot a little (she has left side paralysis). This is very good news, I think! The beginning of the road to healing!
  3. Our school apparently submitted an education maintainence allowance form for us this month, and so there was a surprise bonus in my bank account this morning.
  4. Jayne and I are going on a road trip that means I can visit Nanna in the next couple of weeks, instead of just sitting here so far away!
  5. I broke the back of my novel last night, and so now I have less work ahead of me than behind me, and I have big hopes for handing in the first draft next week, finally!!!
  6. I had a lovely conversation with a long missed uncle a couple of nights ago, and I'm looking forward to catching up with him and meeting his new family next month!
  7. Our house is COLD FREE!!! I don't know how long this will last but for the first time since APRIL, no one in this house has a cold!
  8. Ari is able to move himself forward on purpose and has slept soundly the last two nights!!! (I believe the two are linked, LOL, his previous restlessness was due to struggling to master purposeful movement).
  9. My baby is nearly 10 months old and I'm not even the slightest bit clucky!!! (ok, that probably sounds like an odd thing to be grateful for to some of you, but for me the aching for another baby has been alive and kicking for the past 20 years, and to pass a pregnant woman and NOT feel that ache, well, it's like finally not having a migraine anymore!)
  10. Dave nearly has his license, the end is in sight!


Juniper said...

great to hear re: dave and his license - I didn't realise it was so close, that is fantastic for you and your family!

Ari is growing up so fast, after having him in my car every week, it is sad I haven't seen him in so long!

Also, glad your Nan seems to have some positive improvement, hope it all continues to be good news.

Sif Dal said...

We'll have to catch up for a coffee :). Ari isn't growing as fast as the other boys, he'll be my baby for longer, I think (which is very considerate of him!).

Good Job!