Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One reason I loves the internet!

Restaurants post their menus on the net!

When I first heard that the AB dinner would be at La Camera and I realise that was an Italian restaurant (not a camera shop, LOL), I had a mild freak out...

Yk, coz, well, I'm doing this vegan thing, and more specifically, this RAW vegan thing (though not 100% this week, coincidentally, LOL). And when I think of Italian food, raw vegan just doesn't come to mind... Vegetarian, yes, but amongst all the cream sauces, and the bacon, and the meat pizzas, and the cooked stuff, what the hell was I going to eat! Hence the mild FREAK OUT!

Ok, so I decided to look the restaurant up online, and see if they had posted their menu, and Voila! There it was!

Turns out they have a lovely VEGAN salad, consisting of leafy greens, apple, orange, grapes, chick peas, nuts and roasted sesame seeds (I guess I could ask them to hold the roasted sesame seeds, but well, not this week)! Yum!

So, thanks to modern technology my frazzled nerves are calmed and I have a plan, LOL...

But, yk, even if I wasn't trying to avoid eating animal products and cooked stuff, I'd still REALLY APPRECIATE these online menus because, as a legally blind person, being able to peruse the menu in good light without feeling like everyone is starring at me for having the menu pressed up against my nose, well, it just makes going out more pleasant!

Go the net!!!

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