Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog post #1000

On January 13th 2006, I started this blog...

Back then, I was a mum of three boys age 6 and 4 years, and just about 5 months old. I was a homeschooling, tandem breastfeeding (4 yo and baby), co-sleeping, non-vaccinating, cloth nappy using, 90 something kilo weighing mum...

LOL, not much has changed!

I still tandem feed (4 yo and baby), co-sleeping, neglect to vaccinate, use cloth nappies and weigh 90 something kilos!!!

I'm not homeschooling anymore, but I was just about to send my two older boys to school when the blog started anyway.

And yet so much has changed!!! I've:

  • Lost (and regained) 30 something kilos.
  • Started a Masters Degree.
  • Wrote a 40 000 word novel (well, the first draft anyway).
  • Had gallbladder surgery.
  • Lost my father in law.
  • Gotten back in contact with extended family on both sides of my family tree.
  • Had another son - at home!
  • Hounded my Dh into 3/4 getting his driver's lisence.
  • Taken Dh on his first airplane flight!
  • Flown back and forth to Adelaide 9 times!
  • Gone on and roadtrip to Canberra, Wollongong and Sydney.
  • Bought my first DSLR.
  • Done the photography course I'd been meaning to do for ages.
  • Bought my first laptop, then thrashed it till it went into a coma and I had to buy an emergency desktop on spec!
  • Had some great debates with some interesting people!
  • Been vegetarian, vegan, raw foodian, and crap foodian :P
  • Spewed all my angst, joy, frustration and idle musings onto here.
Fun times, hey!

Wonder what the next #1000 blog posts will bring...


katef said...

yay for the first 1000 and looking forward to the next 1000!

Jayne said...

Cool! I doubt much in my life has changed at all since I started my blog! Maybe becoming single and having a bit more education to my name.Oh and being 15 kg heavier :( Hmmm

Good Job!