Friday, September 04, 2009

The joy of a system that works!

Admittedly, I'm a bit of a control freak. I'm all for going with the
flow and being flexible, i just don't like being caught unprepared.
Having children really highlights this, and having children, but no
car REALLY highlights it!

For the past ten years i've hunted high and low for the easiest way to
travel out and about with a child (or four!) in tow - because I don't drive and can't use my car as a "base" from which to retrieve whatever I may need, my pram really has to be a workhorse.

I've been through unmentionable numbers of prams, strollers, slings,
babycarriers and bags... The prams and strollers were either too big,
too heavy, too small, too light (for carrying shopping without
tipping), to difficult to fold, didn't have a big enough basket/
shadecover/seat... The slings and carriers have been put aside now
because any weight on my shoulders or neck now causes headaches
*sigh*... Bags are difficult; they need to be big enough to carry all
sorts of things brought along or picked up on the way. I can't carry
much on my body because of headaches, so, I often find myself short on
bags and storage on the pram when out...

But FINALLY I have a system that works!

I bought a bugaboo bee, which at first I wasn't sure about. The
more I use it, the more I love it! It's lightweight and yet it carries
a HUGE amount of extra baggage. It folds compactly enough to fit in
the boot of a sedan taxi with the spare in the boot! It faces in and
out, and lays right back. It has a really big basket for a stroller
sized pram. I've put two bag hooks on the handle (which is height
adjustable), and I can hang an enormous amount off those bag hooks -
even without Ari in the pram.

I've gotten Ari a footmuff for the cold weather and he'll be able to
use it another couple of Winters! I also have a nifty

Then I put a bum bag on the handle bar which puts my phone, purse and
keys within reach, without hanging them off me in a handbag.

Finally, I have a pack of five envirosax tucked into that spacious
basket. The envirosax are so compact when rolled up, but carry so
much and they hang neatly on the pram and are stylish enough to sling
over a shoulder ( though I don't)...

So, there's my perfect system, and it's such a delight to use because
everything is compact, lightweight. hardy and aesthetically pleasing!!!

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shae said...

awesome!! I'm still on the search...

Good Job!