Friday, October 30, 2009

A 1st Birthday in pictures

My beautiful Ari's first birthday motivated me to dig out the disks for my Canon, so I could take some (half) decent photos of the lad on this momentus occasion! Some of the photos are a bit dodgy, because, quite frankly, I'm a bit rusty - having only taken photos on the iPhone for the past six months (my BAD!)...

Big One year old boy!

Finishing dinner before the present opening and cake proceedings (loved the light in this pic, so it's just gratuitous eye candy of the Squishous One.

Ooooh, what's this?

Ooooh, aaaaah, ooooh, aaaah!

Another present (and release from the highchair, in prep for reception of major present)...

What every Aussie boy needs...

"Hmmm, Erik, I don't know about this, this feels a bit weird, are you sure it's safe?"

What a second... So, I can't crawl, and I can't walk, but they're happy for me to ride a bike???

Ooooh, looky at the trailer, wonder if I can get my rattle in there as well...

The Biker Grimace - don't mess with the A-man, he's tough, he rides!

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Uuuh, and what esactly am I supposed to do with this?

Oh yeah!!! This stuff is GOOD!

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Juniper said...

Soooo cute! Looks like he had a fab time! Love that outfit BTW!

Good Job!