Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beltaine and NO-vember...

So, today we had Ari's first birthday party. It was a very intimate affair because I just wasn't up for the big to-do I had with Brynjar's first birthday (which involved 20 adults and 30 kids!)... As part of his birthday celebration, and in observation of Beltaine (the pagan sabbath of fertility, which is known as May Day - where people dance around the maypole amongst other things), I gave each family that attended a small trinket of four bells tied together with white and red ribbons.

The idea behind the bells was to meditate on them, thinking on the theme of fertility, bringing to fruition, growth and so on, and decide what each family wanted to see GROW in their lives in the coming calender year. Then they were instructed to hang the bells in a place where they would catch the breeze, and every time they tinkled, they would remind the family of what it was they were bringing into fruition, or cultivating this coming year.

Now, serendiptiously, a friend on facebook set a challenge to her friends to figure out what they were going to say NO to in NO-vember, being that November begins tomorrow (I LOVE November, and have always been a little envious of a certain beautiful cousin of mine who is fortunate enough to be born on November 1st. I got married in November (many years ago) and had hoped Ari might hold out until November to be born, LOL)...

So, yeah, I've had to think about two things today - What I want to cultivate in my life this year, and what I want to say no to this coming month!


  1. Finishing my Masters degree (am not finishing it this year, so will be finishing it in 2010, was a hard decision to come to, but it's for the best, I want to submit the best work I can, not the most rushed work I can).
  2. A change for the better in my diet and fitness (yes, I realise that sounds trite, but after this year of ill-health, I know I really need to make a substantial change).
  3. Getting some part time work in the second half of next year so we can put some money behind us.
  4. Saving a decent buffer, possibly moving money so we can live closer to the boys school.

  1. NO procrastination!!!
This means whenever I know I need to be doing something, I'll do it instead of sitting here procrastinating. This will feed into my studies a fair bit, I'd say. It will also feed into my knowing that I need to cut animal products out of my diet (ah, yes, I here my nearest and dearest friends heaving a sigh of "here we go again", sorry, just something I've got to do).

So, here we go, bring on a new day, a new months, and a new year!


Leah said...

Well I just found out this morning my mate in the UK had a heart attack and if this isn't the last sign to say NO to heart attack lifestyle I dunno what is! He's only 2 years older than me, and not half as overweight - tho he smokes and drinks, and I dunno about his diet. I know the one single major change I need is to cut out the highly fatty food, and sheesh it's not even hard, when there are lots of less horrendous options when takeaway is inevitable!

Sif Dal said...

Totally, that's what's gotten me thinking. I've got a lot of potential for inheriting bad news, physically (and as if looking at photos of myself from yesterday and seeing MY MUM wasn't enough incentive - as lovely as she is, she has high bp and diabetes!)...

Good Job!