Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy garden...

Dave and I are not gardeners, that much is true!

When we moved to this house, we found ourselves a gardner. I like him. Dave is ambiguous; the gardener is a good guy, has four boys like us, but Dave asks him to put the cuttings in a particular place in the yard, and the gardener invariably forgets and puts them elsewhere.

Then there was issue with the ILs. We gave them the details of our gardener and they hired him, but MIL felt he charged too much for what he offered and he didn't garden to her liking - that's what comes of being a keen gardener yourself and no longer being able to cope with the job physically.

Anyway, MIL and the gardener had a falling out and she fired him. We had him come over once more to our place but then a dry winter hit, and what was left of the grass after the scorching summer we had last year, just wasn't growing very fast. He asked us to just call him again when we needed him.

Up until a month ago, there wasn't much work to do, to speak off. The maple had dropped it's leaves, and the wattle had dropped pods (I think it was a wattle, I'm NOT a gardener), but other than that, it was ok... So, we didn't call and then it rained... With the rain came growing, and LOTS of it.

As you can see, the grass is now knee deep! Eeeek! So, I call the gardener this morning, and he said he "might" be able to come over this afternoon, if not it'll have to be next week. So, then, so save whatever little embarrassment that I could, I had to go out and move the outdoor toys to a space in front of the garage, then sweep up as much of the leaves and pods as I could with our kitchen broom, LOL... It was a bit of a workout (my poor unfit bod) but gee the sun was nice!!! So nice to have sunshine again!!!

Ari loved it, and Bryn just loved having us outside with him! Can't wait until Ari can walk around and enjoy the yard some more!!!

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Juniper said...

It creeps up on you doesn't it? I know that feeling, and we just fired our gardener and hired a new one cause the old one left ours to "creep" just way too long and still charged us like a wounded bull LOL!

Glad you enjoyed the sunshine - enjoy it again today!

Good Job!