Friday, October 23, 2009

Green Smoothie + preschooler = EPIC WIN!

For a while now, Bryn has been doing that thing that toddlers and preschoolers are prone to do. He's been refusing to eat most foods. Well, most dinner foods that is. He'll eat cereal and toast, and sandwiches, and biscuits and yes, even a token piece of fruit (as long as it's apple), but when it comes to dinner time, he flat out refuses to eat anything that isn't in the food group "fish n chips" or "pizza" (and by pizza, he strictly means ham and pineapple, none of that weird veggie pizza)...

Everything green is EEEEEWWWWW!

Actually, anything resembling a vegetable at all is EEEEWWWWW!

So, a few weeks ago when I decided to try and boost my own nutritional intake by trying out green smoothies, I totally didn't expect Bryn to be even remotely interested.

I made my first green smoothie on a weekend morning, and it consisted of a glass or so of filtered water, banana, apple, baby spinach and agave syrup. Erik and Luey wanted something (afterall it was a SMOOTHIE, how bad could it be - luckily the colour didn't put them off). When Master Bryn realised he might be missing out on something as good as a smoothie (even though it was green), he insisted on a taste too.

Well, whaddya know, he liked it!

And so, every morning now, I make myself a litre of green smoothie to drink throughout the day, and he has half a kids cup of it with a straw (we both discovered the delight of drinking green smoothies with a straw).

This mornings green smoothie consisted of a couple of glasses of filtered water, a banana, some frozen raspberries (a current fave), a heap of silverbeat (Americans call this kale), some agave syrup and a few mint leaves... He's sitting just a couple of metres from me sipping his through a green straw and watching kids tv.

I have to say, this is such a relief to me. I feel like even though he isn't eating dinner, and much of what he will eat is not necessarily highly nutritious (I mean, how nutritious is a lot of grain with dairy and honey chucked in for taste???), that each morning he gets a shot of vitamins, minerals anti-oxidants, and most importantly live enzymes...

Hail the green smoothie!

(for any doubters out there, you can't actually taste the spinach or silverbeat, you just taste the fruit, really)

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Mr B said...

awesome!! Do you have actual quantities or just chuck it in with whatever you've got ?

Good Job!