Friday, October 02, 2009

Ís "fair" a realistic goal in parenting?

It's birthday season...

Let's me try that again. It *should* be birthday season still, only problem is that it doesn't FEEL like birthday season because usually birthday season is Winter Sport for me and it's Spring now. I've done Erik, Luey and Bryn's birthdays and in the previous three years, that was the end of it, but this year I've still got Ari's birthday to go, and hmmm, I just don't feel motivated...

He's turning one, and quite frankly, he probably doesn't give a damn, my dears, if he has a big birthday bash or not. I'm sorely tempted to, "or not"... Ah, but that's so wrong, isn't it? I mean, I went all out for Bryn's first birthday; specially made cupcakes with B's on them, a massive party here at home, grand lolly boxes, pinada, a memory bear! After all, he was my "last baby having his first birthday"...

And then we had Ari, LOL.

So, would it be "fair" to skip the first birthday hoo-ha for Ari when I did it for Bryn?

But also...

This year I did a big party for Erik and Luey at Dark Zone (they'd been looking forward to it for two whole years - having to wait for Luey to turn 8 to be able to have a party there). Then I did a bowling party for Bryn... So, having done parties for all his brother AND this being his first birthday EVER, can I really just let it slide???

I have decided I can't keep doing birthday parties for all the boys every year! But it's all good because even if I just do the special birthdays (5, 10, 13 etc.) I can fill the next few years fairly "fairly" between the boys...

2010 - Bryn (5)
2011 - Luey (10)
2012 - Erik (13)
2013 - Ari (5)
2014 - Luey (13)
2015 - Bryn (10) Erik (16)

Hmmmm, still don't know what I'm going to do about Ari... What's fair?

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katef said...

it's not fair and it will never be fair... well not according to Zoe.

I've started down the path of 'everyone gets what they need when they need it' in response to the fair thing... because be 'fair' all the time because all my kids are different. Besides... being fair doesn't mean being 'equal'.

But ahem... I still get caught up in the fair thing!

Good Job!