Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lion Lion Eagle Lion

At 9am on the 27th of October, 2008, Ari Leo rushed into this world. He was little little at just 2.75kg, the smallest (by at least 1.8kg) of my brood. But like so many runts of the litter, he's truly shown himself to be a compact sized power house!

His names Ari and Leo were chosen for their meanings. Ari, in the middle east is referential of Lion, and in Iceland, of Eagle. Leo, of course, refers to Lion, as well. So, either his name means Lion Lion, or Eagle Lion. His name suits him perfectly!

He's well known for his ability to closely observe people. He'll stare at people without smiling for ages and ages, looking right into their very person. Many people have been quite unnerved by this trait of his.He is feisty, determined, and has a very sharp wit. When he smiles, no one can resist him, but he is highly selective about who he smiles at and when. Just because you've teased a smile out of him one day, doesn't mean you'll get one the next, but in the same respect, if he's in the mood, he'll smile at a complete stranger (especially if mumma has just told said stranger he doesn't smile a people he's only just met!).

He is very affectionate and within his family, he is very even handed about his outpouring of affection. He shows equal preference for hanging out with any one of us, even at this young age. He'll snuggle into Luey or Dave, as much as he would with me, often preferring to sit with his dad to go to sleep. He jumps on any opportunity to get into the middle of [gentle] wrestling on the floor with Bryn and Erik. He misses his boys, including Dave, when they're all out on a Tuesday.

He is quite patient, but has a keen radar for when he is being fobbed off and doesn't tolerate any such insult to his intelligence, LOL! He is, at once, a glassy lake and charging horse. Still waters certainly run deep when it comes to Ari, but he is never backward in coming forward when he's made up his mind what he wants.

Ari has slotted into and rounded out our family perfectly. The past 365 days with him have been one blessing on the heels of another.

Ari Leo, the runt of the litter, has the heart of a Lion and the spirit of an Eagle!

Happy 1st Birthday my Squishy boy!


Juniper said...

Happy Birthday Ari, and Happy Birthing Day to you Sif! It was such an honour to be at your birth, and a pleasure to watch Ari grow in his first year!

katef said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating your gorgeous boy!

Good Job!