Monday, October 12, 2009

No TV for under 2s...

I've seen THIS article being posted on Facebook and various forums this morning, and a lot of discussion eminating from it. The discussion has ranged from "They CAN'T BAN children under two from watching tv!!!" (they're not trying to, dear, these are just guidelines, read the article thoroughly) to "I totally agree, my child isn't allowed to watch tv, ever!"...

My Opinion (it's just an opinion, and as they says, like sphincters, everyone has one)

Parents need to just use some common sense! If the tv is on and no one is actively watching it, turn the bloody thing off. If the child is actively watching tv for hours on end, turn the bloody thing off. If the child watches some tv, but also has plenty of active play time, is able to amuse themself ... Read Morewithout a screen in front of their face, and has an active imagination, you're probably doing ok...


Non-commercial stations and Edumacational television is STILL television.

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Jayne said... people think the govt is going to burst in and arrest them if their kids watch tv under two? bwahaha!

Yeah it's common sense. As I've said elsewhere today I think it's near impossible to implement if you have older kids too unless you do a total tv ban. Balance is required.

Good Job!