Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Barbecue Culture...

It's Melbourne Cup Day! I love Melbourne Cup Day even though the Salvo legacy causes me to baulk at betting on the horses (somewhere in Australia today, someone is going to lose a heap of money and put their family in crisis because of a gambling problem that our society seems to mostly just scoff at and that makes me feel sick), hmmmm, I digress.

Anyway, I felt like I'm missing out on something. Something particularly Australian - ok, I realised other nations also do the BBQ thing, but it is an iconicly Aussie passtime, isn't it? - the backyard barbie!

Dave isn't entralled by the idea of al fresco eating. The idea of sharing his meal with flies and mozzies causes him to screw his face up in the most unattractive grimace that I mostly avoid bringing up the idea. Besides this, our house isn't well set up for outdoor eating. We have a relatively flat, concreted area just outside the back door, but it's right in front of the garage on the driveway and not very inviting. Also the back steps are an out and out health hazard, so we never use them and then we have to walk half way around the exterior of the house to get to that spot which tends to squash any motivation I might have if I can get past the image of Dave's screwed up face.

But I still dream of one day having family barbecues on those occassions that call for them!

One day we'll live somewhere where I can splurge on a barbie, and we can cook and eat out of doors and watch the Big Race! All the boys will be here and who knows, we might even invite other people and make an event of it.

One day I want to have a New Years Eve barbie, and a Solstice barbie, and a for-the-heck-of-it barbie. I want to participate in the Great Barbecue Culture! One day! One day soon!

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katef said...

We do the outside eating BBQ thing a fair bit.. mostly cause it is a LOT less to clean up! Maybe that will entice Dave to partake one day?

Good Job!