Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black clothing...

Wearing black is very popular in Melbourne. Melbournians are quite proud of this. Black attire is probably equated with sophistication and it certainly has a reputation for being slimming.

I was thinking about it today, though, as you do. I'm actually kind of surprised that I've never heard of black having an aging affect on the wearer. I'm sure many won't agree with me on this point, but I really think black can make people look tired and older than they really are.

Just think about it.

Black is a favoured colour (ok, it's not a colour, but let's not split hairs) among young people. Certainly, black is dark, brooding, and often considered to be the antithesis to the playful rainbow of colours children wear. Adolescents most like adopt wear black to mirror their own ambiguity, the fact they DON'T want to reflect something about themselves, they want to remain dark and mysterious and so on. Also, though, black is considered sophisticated (possibly because it reflects nothing!), and so adolescents who wear black take on an air of sophistication, complication, and the appearance of "being older".

Adults chose black for work a lot, because black is serious, it's measured, it's mature. It's not frivolous or bold (though combined with other colours it can be made bold), or attention seeking in a loud sort of way. Black is conservative. A black miniskirt is far more conservative than a red miniskirt or a cobolt blue miniskirt.

Conservativism is often equated with age and maturity as well.

So, taking all this into account, it stands to reason that black will continue to make you look more mature, more conservative, more dark and aloof and yes, slim even as you get older.

Black has been said to be too strong for the softening colours of age. Certainly there are older men and women who look good in black, but they are going to be in the minority and honestly, do they actually look YOUNGER in black or just neater?

Imagine a woman in her sixties, vibrant and vivacious. She's very active in her day to day life. She does yoga, she works, she goes out with her friends at night and on the weekends. What is she wearing? Is she wearing black? She never is in my mind. She wears white and red and blue and yellow and well, almost every colour except black.

Picture a woman in her sixties wearing black, what is she doing?

I can't help but picture the old greek ladies at the shopping centres. Head to toe black. They always look neat. They look old.

Even women in their forties look old when dressed in head to toe black.

Don't know why I'm blogging about this, really. It was just something my mind got stuck on this afternoon. I think, though, I might be more careful choosing clothing in the future. Black might be slimming, but I'm now convinced it's also aging. I don't want to look or feel old at this point in my life :).

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