Thursday, November 12, 2009

Erik's theory about drawings and why he doesn't like to tear drawings up...

So, the other day I went and picked Erik up from school. Luey was home sick that day, so Erik and I had a good long time to chat about a whole range of things uninterrupted. When you have four children, that is something of a golden opportunity to find out what is really going on inside you individual child's head...

Erik is completely and utterly obsessed with drawing, just like his uncle Mike at this same age. What Erik draws, the style and some of the subject matter, is quite different, but the intensity of his passion, and dare I say it, the competency of his drawing is very reminiscent of my brother and it's something I'm gaining incredible enjoyment from watching develop.

I'm not sure how the conversation came about, but Erik told me that he believes that at night the creations people draw on paper come to life and swirl around the room. Black and white drawings, according to Erik, are kind of transluscent and puffy, while coloured drawing are flat like the paper they're drawing on because when you colour the drawings in, you flatten them.

He went on to say that tearing up a drawing was not a good thing to do because, essentially, you kill the creation and it is not able to become aninated at night and that is why he doesn't tear up drawings, even the ones he doesn't want anymore.

I'm assuming from this it's ok to screw the paper up and bin it, just not tear it up!

I love his mind!


Frances said...

I love that!

Here's movie suggestion that Erik may like: "Mirrormask". It's a visually amazing fantasy based on a girl's drawings.

Sif Dal said...

LOL, you're the second person to recommend that movie in response to this blog, will have to check it out!

Good Job!