Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Good Old-fashioned To-do List...

Been doing well on my No-procrastination-vember thingy-magig. The house has been really tidy and surface clean all month, so yay me! Anyway, as there are now just under 5 weeks until Christmas, the time has come to start do a bit more a fine toothed comb throughout the house. To this end, I thought I'd do a bit of to-do list a get a couple of things done today (Sundays are always dedicated shopping and attempting to relax days)...

So, today I want to achieve the following.

  1. Clear out and wipe down the glass cabinet in the kitchen
  2. Clear out under and behind the couch and behind Bryn's bookcase
  3. Get the gunk of the corner of the sink in the laundry (that'll be Dave's job as he put the gunk there in the first place)
  4. Clear out and tidy my wardrobe, including relocating unused clothing to bed drawers and pitching the old Christmas lollies from last year that are attracting ants, eep!)
  5. Get Dave to surface tidy the study so it doesn't look so much like a dumping ground
  6. Give the bathroom cabinets a once through to pitch crap that has been sitting there unused for the past year
Ok, if we get all of that done, I'll say it's been a very productive day. It's not even 7am yet, so I reckon we have a good chance of getting it all done :).

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