Monday, November 30, 2009

No-procrastination-vember is coming to an end...

For the whole of NO-vember, I've said "No" to procrastination. More specifically though, house maintainence procrastination. This is what my house has looked like for the past 30 days straight.

Mostly, I manage to keep our home tidy on a semi-regular basis. That is, I might let things slide for a day or three, and then have a big clean up. However, over the years, and particularly in the past year or so since Ari was born, I've found the slide seems to happen far more rapidly and dramatically than it used to, and the "big cleanup" as, on several occassions, morphed into a "massive cleanup".

So, I decided to try and maintain - at least - a level of neatness in the house every day. To do this, I'm spent about 20 minutes each morning going around a putting away stuff that wasn't in it's place, making beds, and putting on a load of laundry when the bins got to about half full. Then each evening after dinner, I've done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen/swept the floor, and done another quick tidy up throughout the house - enlisting the boys to help, of course.

Amazingly, this seems to have been enough! The house is almost always tidy and if not, it's within 10 minutes of tidy! The most interesting bit is how little effort it seems to have taken!

For December, I'm going to make a "decision". That December decision is that I won't buy any more "stash" to eat at home. For the month of December, I'm going to say it's fine to eat lollies, icecream, chips, soft drinks, etc. when I'm out of the house, but that stuff will not be bought and brought home to munch on in the evenings. Hopefully this will help me break my night time snacking habit...


Juniper said...

I am super impressed! Seriously Sif, your house looks amazing!

I also want to get to that stage where *maintaining* a neat house is a simple matter of a 20 min whip round each morning and evening! I am hoping our new renos may help me be more organised... well, I live in hope anyway!

I also like your Decision December thing. I should do similar, but with Coke/DietCoke/CokeZero instead. Only for treats when out of the house, or else I will have to go Cold Turkey again LOL!

Mr B said...

I should do similar, i have big habit of snacking when the kids are in bed and Im finally relaxing.

Your house looks great !

Good Job!