Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And now for something different...

Erik is growing up so fast!

We had major dramas here last night, because I got a terse call from the school nurse about Erik having nits in his hair. She made a point of telling me she'd actually yanked out a strand of hair to SHOW Erik the nit attached to it - he was obviously protesting that his psoriasis LOOKS like nits sometimes.

So, yet again (for the fifth time this week) with condition and a nit comb, we sat down last night to try and get rid of the nits. This a very difficult process for us because I'm legally blind and he does have psoriasis, so it's hard for me to see the nits, let alone get them (his hair is so fine it slips through the come with nits still attached, very easily). I can't let Dave do the job because, for some reason I cannot fathom, he seems to have even more trouble seeing the nits than I do - male patterned blindness, I suspect.

We conditioned and combed, and I have to say, because Erik's hair has been conditioned so much this week, it was so silky to comb, even with the nit comb. I don't know if we got any nits, but sadly we got over two dozen live lice! Aarrrgh! Yes, even with all our combing - I'm sure they all hatched in the 48 hours since the last comb through, when we only got one louse. ONE!

As much as I'd vowed never to buzz cut Erik's hair again - there's a blog post in November about it, if you were living under a rock and didn't see my spaz attack here and on Facebook - I had to admit defeat last night.

Out came the scissors, and then the clippers, and for an hour Erik cried while I cut and clippered his locks. Then he went and hid and cried some more under his bed.

He told me NOT to buy him the Trilby hat he'd asked for for Christmas. According to him, there was no point having it, as he would now not achieve "the look" he was aiming for.

Adolescence is happening.

I got onto Google for about 30 minutes and looked up all the short haired trilby wearing guys I could find. That cheered him up a bit. A long cuddle on the couch with mum cheered him up some more. Finally, a long chat about "men's stuff" (the plot in and outs of The Terminator - which he hasn't watched, but which Dave was explaining to him for some reason) in the study with Dave had him off to bed with a smile on his dile.

Who knew he could get so keyed up about his appearance and about how others would perceive him! He's beginning to formulate an identity for himself. He's really moving into adolescence. Thank Goodness we were able to help him make the most of a bad situation, hopefully he's also learning there are MANY ways to be who you want to be!

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