Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Annual Complaint about Christian Religious Education Christmas concerts... (not my complaint, other's)

Warning: No holds barred telling it as I see it ahead... Read at your own risk...

A friend just twittered about having to attend her child's CRE concerted, and in the tweet my friend seemed annoyed that state schools offer Christian Religious Education - I'm assuming, as opposed to General Religious Education, or even No Religious Education (hey, what about Ethics Education instead)...

Fair enough, I tend to agree, schools offer Christian Religious Education, under the guise of teaching our children about morality and values and ethics, or some such thing, when it all reality, it's about interest groups infiltrating the education system - no doubt offering the schools some sort of fringe benefit for being allowed to do so - rather UNethical, in my opinion.

The thing I don't get when I hear this complaint from one friend or another EVERY SINGLE YEAR is why these friends choose to support a practice they are so very against.

Children do NOT have to attend these classes. Many children do not attend these classes. The thing is, someone always has to be first to opt OUT, someone has to lead the way. Many parents worry that their kids might feel "left out" if they aren't allowed to attend the CRE classes or the concert at the end of the year. To those parents, I would suggest CRE really isn't that big a deal for them is upsetting their child in the short term is a greater concern. Will these same parents be buying their kids beer to drink at the park when "all the other kids are out there having fun"? Or would these same parents allow their kids to attend a One Nation party, if it came into the school? Yk, because otherwise the child might miss out on the fun.

Of course the CRE instructors are going to make their classes and end of year concert FUN! That is how they sell their message! If you don't like the message, don't attend the classes or the concert.

If attending the classes or the end of year concert is really not THAT much of a big deal that you'd make your child "miss out", then don't whinge about how wrong it is that state schools allow CRE onto the premises. If you don't like it, don't support it, if you don't really care that much, don't whinge about it. Simple really.

Shall I end with a "Suck it up, Princess!" or is that too mean?

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