Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For Jayne and her family...

In memory of Jayne's loved dad, and Liam and Sienna's grandad who passed today at 1pm, aged 92 years. All our love to you Jayne, and to your mum and your kids! Love Sif, Dave, Erik, Luey, Bryn and Ari xxxxxx

I Am With You Still
In a twinkling of an instance
A dream comes to an end
The winds of change presented
Coming round the bend

And so your world is shattered
A breaking of your heart
The fabric of your being
So quickly ripped apart

It's all that you imagined
In all your wildest dreams
The emptiness surrounds you
With pain or so it seems

But this is not the ending
For strength lives on through will
My love is always with you
And I am with you still


Juniper said...

((hugs)) to Jayne and her family.

Sif, that poem is beautiful, made me cry! Did you write it?

Sif Dal said...

Gosh no, I didn't write it, I found it. My poetry is mostly doggeral...

Mr B said...

Oh that is so sad. ((Hugs)) to Jayne and her family.

Good Job!