Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 101 list...

I promised I'd get this done by the 1st of January, so today is the day to do it! To be perfectly honestly, I haven't sat down and worked this out at all and am about to the write out the list HERE AND NOW. This is one of the reasons I've decided to do this, I procrastinate way too much and thereby end up leaving myself short of time to really think about the decisions I end up making... I'll give you one guess what the first thing on my list is going to be...

  1. STOP PROCRASTINATING; just do it and do it right! (I realise this is vague, but at the end of the 1001 days I'll rate my satisfaction with my performance and score a pass on myself if I am 60% satisfied).
  2. Participate in a NaNoWriMo.
  3. Become a member of the Victorian Writer's centre.
  4. Participate in 10 short story competitions. 0/10
  5. Hug each of my children every day!
  6. Take one awesome photo of each boy and have it printed on canvas. 0/4
  7. Get a family portrait done WITH DAVE AND MYSELF IN IT!
  8. Read a book of fiction every month - from cover to cover.
  9. Drink 8 glasses of water every day!
  10. Walk 10 000 steps every day!
  11. Graduate from my Masters degree!
  12. Start my PhD!
  13. Do at least course in Auslan.
  14. Get a part time job outside the home!
  15. Get my birth certificate and name change certificates replaced.
  16. Decorate my belly cast from my pregnancy with Bryn and display it somewhere.
  17. Grow some vegies MYSELF!
  18. Move closer to the boys' school.
  19. Visit my Nanna with all the boys!
  20. Have a session in a sensory deprivation tank.
  21. Take each of my boys out for dinner and a movie, individually! (0/4)
  22. Have my first ever ride on a ferris wheel!
  23. Paint on canvas once a month!
  24. Grow my hair really long down my back one last time.
  25. Finally design and get that tattoo I've been thinking about for a decade.
  26. Take Dave back to Bondi!
  27. See a dentist and get my teeth fixed.
  28. Have four pendants designed and made for the boys.
  29. Re-new my wedding vows and have a big party with family and friends.
  30. See 10 movies at the movies that aren't kids movies! 0/10
  31. Learn CPR.
  32. Clear out the garage of stuff we haven't used in forever and probably won't ever use!
  33. Get Erik into his own room!
  34. Get back into my size 12 jeans.
  35. Apply for a job teaching writing.
  36. Be a class helper in each of my boys classes at least once each school year.
  37. Save $10 000 for emergencies.
  38. Get my cholesterol checked.
  39. Go technology free for a week (no mobile, no computer, no tv).
  40. Have 30 days of silence - where I don't speak one word 24 hours. 0/30
  41. Find an affective anti-aging facial moisturiser and use it!
  42. Do a yoga class.
  43. Go to the beach 5 times. 0/5
  44. Crochet a multi-coloured granny square blanket.
  45. Build and decorate a gingerbread house with the kids.
  46. Make a gift for someone.
  47. Have a no spend month (excepting groceries).
  48. Make a trifle for Christmas dessert.
  49. Host a Summer Solstice Celebration.
  50. Plant a tree.
  51. Attend a musical production.
  52. Attend a play.
  53. Find 10 new artists or bands I like and buy an album from each. (0/10)
  54. Attend a bonfire!
  55. Borrow a book from a library, read it and return it ON TIME.
  56. Buy five plants for inside the house and keep them alive.
  57. Start a new handwritten diary.
  58. Go vegetarian for three months.
  59. Go vegan for three months.
  60. Go raw vegan for three months.
  61. Buy someone a home delivery of organic fruit and veg.
  62. Brush my teeth 3 times every day for a month.
  63. Update my resume.
  64. Write a will.
  65. Sort the filing cabinet.
  66. Get an organ donor card of some description.
  67. Get a wooden chest and create a family treasure chest containing a family tree, baby clothing, and other memorabilia.
  68. Embroider a table runner.
  69. Submit a manuscript to a publisher.
  70. Rid this house of baby equipment and clothing once and for all.
  71. Go for a 10km walk.
  72. Frame photos of all my extended family and display them.
  73. Have dinner with Dave at a high end restaurant.
  74. Learn how to make my own hommus.
  75. Take a dance class.
  76. Buy some new make-up and replace it when it reaches it's used by date!
  77. Take the boys camping, even if it's just in the back yard!
  78. Buy a BBQ and host a BBQ!
  79. Host a New Year's Eve party.
  80. Host a dinner for my friends.
  81. Peel an apple in one continuous curly strand.
  82. Get a real 4-6 cup teapot and use it with visitors.
  83. Knit a cute tea cozy for my tea pot!
  84. Get a Djembe and figure out how to do some drumming.
  85. Make a macrame wall using fall wood as an anchor.
  86. Downsize my wardrobe to 25 items of clothing (not including underwear and accessories) including coats, pants, skirts and tops for casual and special occassions.
  87. Send flowers to three friends. 0/3
  88. Keep an emotions journal to try and nut out my emotional responses to other people.
  89. Stop swearing completely for three months.
  90. Adhere to "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" for three months.
  91. Stop name calling for three months.
  92. Perform 10 random acts of kindness. 0/10
  93. Go out on the Eureka tower skydeck!
  94. See 10 films at the Melbourne International Film Festival (don't have to be in the same season) 0/10
  95. Build a sandcastle and watch it get washed out by the incoming tide.
  96. Create and bury a time capsule.
  97. Learn how to make my mum's Icelandic pancake and kleina.
  98. Find and obtain a copy of Skólaljód.
  99. Learn how to make nori rolls at home.
  100. Learn to play a few basic songs on a classical guitar.
  101. Have an evening picnic under the Federation Bells as they play.
  102. ETA: I wanted to explain that the items I've listed as doing for extended periods (1-3 months) are practices I'm hoping to develop into life long habits, but I also wanted a distinct end point at which time I could tick them off the list.


Rachael said...

Great list! I sense you will be busy lol!

Sif Dal said...

LOL, it's a better list now that there are actually 101 items on it! Busy, I'm always busy, but now I hope to be a little less sedentary.

katef said...

Fabulous list.... I might have to steal a few things for my new list!
So do you have a time frame on this or just a 'one day before I die I will'.... do you add a new one if you cross one off???

Leah said...

Really inspired by your list, I am compiling a 2010 list myself, 20 fun things to do and 10 ways to grow this year!

I am going to be a bit ruthless in my drawers today based on your 25 items list. I know it'll be a lot easier to keep the drawers neat with less in there. For now I'll keep the overflow, just somewhere else! I've found casual tops that are in high rotation are only "good" for about a year at most anyway, then they get a bit scrappy. So I think even with 25 items you'd be able to enjoy shopping regularly as stuff wears out.

Good Job!