Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The first month of the year nearly over...

They say time speeds up as you get older... I must be getting very, very old!

I thought I'd check and see how I'm going in reference to my rules for 2010 and 101 list...

Rules for 2010:

Achieved :- #3, #6, #7 and #9

Still plan to achieve :- #10

Haven't had the opportunity to do :- #8 (there are no Sabbats in January)

Have completely dropped the ball on :- #1, #2, #4, and #5

So my overall score for January is about 60% (as long as I paint a canvas in the next few days, which I reckon is very doable, and taking into account the rule that doesn't actually apply to January).

The ones I've dropped the ball on:

  • bed by 10pm
  • breakfast each morning
  • drinkiing 8 glasses of water
  • walking 10 000 steps a day
These are all very achieveable, so I fully plan to have a much better overall report for February!

101 List:

I can cross off...

#15 and #57... By the end of January I may be able to add a couple more, tho...

So, January has been productive to a certain extent.

Next month is the beginning of the hectic part of the year (how appropriate that it should start on a Monday)...

Before Monday I need to:

  1. Get Erik and Luey school shoes and a watch each.
  2. Label Bryn's kinder stuff and assemble it in one place for Dave to access everything easily.
  3. Fill in Police check and Working with children forms ready for lodgement.
  4. Organise a schedule for getting my Thesis completed this year.
  5. Sort the boys closets and make sure Dave can find things in Ari's closet!
We have Bryn's kinder interview on Friday, and tomorrow I'm renewing my Victorian Writer's Centre membership.

I'm a sack of nerves at the moment, but also very excited to just GET INTO IT!


Rachael said...

Oh dear I know just what you mean! January has just blown on by!

Once again great minds must think alike, I had to evaluate how I was doing with my lists also tonight :). It does help to be able to at least tick one or two off!

Juniper said...

Love a list blog post! must go do one myself LOL! I am kinda in denial about school starting back. I did get DD a new lunch box and some leggings yesterday, but that is about all I have done so far! Must get kids to try on shoes and clothes ASAP to see if I need to replace any before the big day!

PS So excited for Bryn and kinder - he must be feeling pretty special!

Good Job!