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Things to do, thngs to do!

First of all, Happy New Year!

And what a year it promises to be. The first thing that struck me yesterday was that it's only a month now, and our world with go completely loopy with schedules. So very, very different from when I started this blog just about 4 years ago. Back then I had three kids and no schedules. No school, no kinder, no uni course. Dave was working but was about to be made redundant and it would be 5 months before he found more work. I was able to glean stress from the schedule free existence nonetheless, and some would say BECAUSE of the schedule free existence. Truth be told I like to be busy, not crazy don't-know-what-I'm-doing busy, but I like to have things to do, stuff to move onto and on from.

And so we have finally landed in 2010 and what's a busy woman to do but write lists, really?

I like a good list. In the past I've written lists for lists sake, but I can't really afford to do that any more... So here are my first lists for 2010.

Preparing for my Certificate course:

  1. Clean my workstation so I can actually find what I need.
  2. Print off Dept. of Births, Deaths and Marriages form for being issued a copy of my birth certificate, fill it in, photocopy my IDs and bills, and fax to NSW Dept. of B, D and M with my Visa card details.
  3. Print of Dept. of Birth, Deaths and Marriages form for being issued a copy of my change of name certificate, fill it out and take it with correct ID (including copy of birth certificate) and cheque to Vic Dept. of B, D and M.
  4. Fill in Police Check form, take it to course centre for them to stamp then to police station with ID incl. birth certificate and change of name certificate to get police check card.
  5. Fill in Working with children form and take to post office with relevant ID for processing.
  6. Pay deposit on course.
  7. Contact Centrelink and tell them I'm enrolled in Certificate IV course and get them to process payments for Education supplement and Education entry payment.
  8. Buy materials for course.
Masters Degree.

  1. Read books on plot, characterisation, perspective and general writing.
  2. Read novels like the novel I'm TRYING to write.
  4. Do changes to perspective in chapters requiring that.
  5. Completely rewrite chapters that need to be ditched altogether so I don't lose my word count.
  6. Go over some of the problems I'm having with mum when I visit her later in January!
Kinder preparation for Bryn.

  1. Buy him a backpack for kinder - I'm really leaning towards one of these Scallybag bags
  2. Order some name tags for his clothing and other items from YouNameIt labels. We bought from these guys for Erik and Luey three years ago, and we're still using their labels and they seem like pretty good quality for cost.
  3. Make sure he knows his kinder teachers names!
  4. Show him where everything is in his bag.
  5. Design something for the ID window and get it printed.
  6. Fill in all the forms (eeeeek!)
School preparation for Erik and Luey.

  1. Make sure the boys have uniforms that fit and are in one piece (at least for first term).
  2. Get new shoes.
  3. Get Erik a new cover for his drink bottle (grrr).
Around the house.

  1. Buy these shelves for the boys room so I can move their old shelves to the dining room/lounge for my books and Bryns books and toys.
  2. Sort out filing cabinet.
  3. Sort through my wardrobe (AGAIN!) and especially reduce the amount of clothing I have stored in there for myself!
  4. Get a full single mattress for Bryn's bed, as well as a new doona and pillow and Ben 10 (shhhhh) sheet set for my big 4 year old who is outgrowing his toddler bed!
  5. Possibly get a skip to chuck out surplus crap... possibly, maybe, depending on how I want to use what little cashola we currently have (of course, when we win the lotto tonight, I plan to make a bonfire out of most of our furniture and just start over again, mwhahahahahahaha!).
Well, I've nearly used up my entire allocated time online for today writing this blog, so best be moving on.

WRT my 10 rules for 2010, some are going well (not eating after dinner and not getting on the pc based net for more than an hour per day), others need a bit more work (getting to bed by 10pm, reading FICTION - somehow I just find it easier to read texts - how boring am I?), and some are not going at all (drinking 8 glasses of water per day and walking 10 000 every day), but hey, it's only the end of Day Two... 363 more days to go! I'm sure I'll get there!


katef said…
If you need books for your course let me know - I have a heap of old text books you could borrow (can't quite bare to give them up! I might go back to work one day). Probably not current enough to be your primary texts but might be helpful anyway.

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