Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's get moving!

Well, I saw a psychic last August, and she asked me if we were planning on moving, and I said we'd been planning on moving for about three years but hadn't managed to get our act together enough to move. She then told me to start paring down because we'd be moving suddenly, "early next year"...

Ok, so we'd planned to move this year anyway. In August or September. Didn't think much of the psychic's words because, honestly, we had no interest in moving early in the year with everything else that was going on, besides which we wouldn't have the money to move until tax time, and aren't the kind of people who move "suddenly" at all!

But then, out of the blue, two weeks ago we got a notice to vacate by the first of June. June can't be consider "early" in the year by any stretch of the imagination. Neither of us have work, and besides which, we couldn't break our lease that ends on June 1st.

But then the landlords said we'd only have to pay March's rent if we got a house earlier than June 1st.

Then we saw this great house on the same street as our kids' school (my dream since they started school).

Then we applied for the house, even though it seemed unlikely we'd get it because of our many kids, and jobless status.

Then we got the house!

So, during February we'll have gone from getting a notice to vacate our current place, to moving into our new place. February is early in the year and one month from notification to having moved is pretty sudden...

PHOOOOAR! Takes my breath away.

Getting the house, in this instance, will definitely be "the easy bit", though...

Now we have to:

  1. Sign the lease, pay bond and 1st month's rent and pick up keys.
  2. Give 28 days notice on our current place.
  3. Organise a removalist.
  4. Pack about 120 boxes, dismantel beds, some shelves and outdoor equipment.
  5. Organise disconnection and reconnection of phone, net (involving cable installation), electricity, gas and water.
  6. Have mail redirected.
  7. Unpack everything at the new house
  8. Clean current house.
  9. Steam clean carpets.
  10. Manicure gardens.
  11. Hand in keys to current house.
And all the while we're still looking for work (Dave) and studying two courses (me) and supporting our children through what will likely be a very unsettling transition period...

Now I need a cup of tea and a lie down...


Jen said...

YAY SIF! congratulations on getting the house :D . I am sure that you will get through the mountain of things that need doing ok and then you will be settled in your dream neighbourhood :)

Wow, what a very cool psychic!

Rachael said...

Well at least you have your to do list sorted!

You'll be on the other side before you know it!

CATE said...

Ahh, the joys of moving, been six years since our last one, not planning any more, specially since I have spent the last couple of months moving my parents and dealing with their house sale.
Good luck, hope the kids cope well :)

Good Job!