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A picture paints a thousand words, but it also makes a house a home!

One of the things that really excited both Dave and myself about the new house was that every single wall (nearly) is adorned with a picture rail! Picture rails are a renter's best friend!!! For the past 5.5 years many of our prints (ok, they're mostly Dave's prints), had stood forelornly in a corner of the study like so many naughty little boys.

Today we hung a couple up.

As you enter our house, you are immediately met by the glowering gaze of one towering Orson Wells. I love this print, it kind of reminds me of my dad. I thought this would be the perfect place to hang it in case of burgulars - imagine breaking into this house at night and being greeted by that gaze!

Then as you close the door behind you and turn to your right to enter the loungeroom, Miles Davis greets you blowing his horn. Dave had this print mounted many years ago now, but never had anywhere to hang it in the old house. It's perfect in the loungeroom as the blue in the print compliments our bl…

Oh, that's right, I'm writing a novel!

The house is a bit chaotic at the moment. With me being out most of the day, every day during the week, but three of the menfolk being here, piles of papers and toys and flotsom and jetsom has magically appeared all over the house.

While the bedroom, bathroom, laundry and kitchen are all bigger than our last house, the main living area is smaller, so it take hardly any mess for it to look like a bomb site.

So, this afternoon, I was tidying the bomb site and I came across a large format white envelope with my name and new address handwritten on the front of it. Not expecting any such mail, and not knowing when exactly it arrived this week, I opened the surprise package with great anticipation.

Inside I found a few photocopies of what looked like reading, and a handwritten note from my Thesis supervisor.

Ye Gads! I'd completely forgotten I'm supposed to be finishing my manuscript this year! All my energies for the first quarter have gone into preparing for the start of school an…

Ruminations about full time work, under twos and long day childcare.

I've never been a fan of childcare for under twos. None of my children have ever been in childcare, really. Bryn went into creche once a week for three hours when he was 2yrs and 3 months because a friend had started working in this creche and took her daughter with her, so he already had two "almost family" as company. I completely trusted this friend to be emotionally responsive to him and to report back to me honestly how his session had gone. Bryn thrived, partly because he felt safe, and partly because he was, even at 2, very socially confident.

So, for the past two weeks I've been doing workplacement in a babies' room of a long day care facility. The children are FANTASTIC and most of them seem really well adjusted and comfortable in the centre. The staff have been for the most part emotionally responsive, cheerful and engaging with the children.

And yet...

And yet, I've seen things that have made my blood run cold (or alternately boil!), and that I c…


Forgive me blog readers, for I have been neglectful. It has been two weeks since my last blog post.

This is actually my second attempt at posting. Tried yesterday but my computer froze up (probably as punishment for my having been absent for so long!), and then someone needed something and I just couldn't get back into the study before exhaustion set in and I blobbed out in front of "Bruce Almighty" (which was funnier than I expected it to be - or maybe my brain has become so much cottage cheese from sleep deprivation that no longer require as higher quality of comedy, who knows?)...

We handed in the keys to our old house yesterday, and in doing so, ended a very long and happy chapter of our lives. That's not to say this next chapter won't be happy, mind you - I have very high hopes for this house despites some early bumps in the road...

Take a look at our current laundry set up, will you!

Do you see that pipe sticking out of the floor under the taps on the wall? …

Do you want to see my new house?

Some photos of the house in a "mostly set up" state...

This is the view into the boys' rooms (from the door). That door in the background with the hoodie hanging on leads to Erik's room. This is the first time Erik has his own room, and this set up is perfect because it's his own room, but it can still be part of the "boys' room" if he leaves his door open. So, it's a soft transition from communal sleeping to seperate sleeping and he can control the level of "seperateness".

Luey and Bryn's room as seen from Erik's bedroom doorway. The book shelf contains a row of containers for each boy; Erik's in black and yellow, Luey's in red and Bryn's at the bottom in black. The tower of drawers on top of the bookcase is Luey's lego storage and is kept up there to keep Bryn's sticky fingers at bay!

Erik's room. It's looking a little austere atm, but he has big plans to hang framed posters in there. Inside th…

Mormons should heed our "Beware of the Dave" sign on our front gate.

Late this morning Dave was in the midst of setting up two computers while single handedly also being the parent on duty of our two youngest while I was at school. The Telstra guy was coming around to install a cable connection into our new house and was due any time between 1pm and 6pm.

So, when there was a knock on the door at just before midday, Dave was very surprised (and knowing him, probably also annoyed) that the Telstra guy was arriving early.

However, when Dave answered the door, he was further surprise to see tow pretty, young Asian girls standing there smiling at him. Momentarily, it occurred to him that perhaps our landlords had decided to come and meet us, maybe welcome us to the house, or something (why he thought that is beyond me!).

Then one of the girls spoke,

"Hi, we're Korean and we have come today to ask you if you believe in God?"

Dave was a little taken aback, and not having a smart comment on hand to sling back at them he replied something along the l…