Sunday, March 21, 2010


Forgive me blog readers, for I have been neglectful. It has been two weeks since my last blog post.

This is actually my second attempt at posting. Tried yesterday but my computer froze up (probably as punishment for my having been absent for so long!), and then someone needed something and I just couldn't get back into the study before exhaustion set in and I blobbed out in front of "Bruce Almighty" (which was funnier than I expected it to be - or maybe my brain has become so much cottage cheese from sleep deprivation that no longer require as higher quality of comedy, who knows?)...

We handed in the keys to our old house yesterday, and in doing so, ended a very long and happy chapter of our lives. That's not to say this next chapter won't be happy, mind you - I have very high hopes for this house despites some early bumps in the road...

Take a look at our current laundry set up, will you!

Do you see that pipe sticking out of the floor under the taps on the wall? That's supposed to be the drain to the gully trap outside. Can't connect a hose to it those, and the sink is on the opposite side of the laundry to the taps - who thought up that set up, honestly??? Apparently, according to the plumber who came out last Monday, the pipe in the floor was jerry-rigged (probably by William, the old owner - he seems to have been a bit of a weekend DIYer by the looks of a number of elements in this house), and needs to be replaced. Also the pipes to the shower in the bathroom were not installed by a proper plumber either, were galvinised steel and have rusted internally to a point where only a trickle of water is running through them and they need replacing by copper pipes. We've been without proper cold water in the shower since we moved in, so I've been having to take baths and I'm here to tell you that's VERY INEFFICIENT when you're a busy mum of four! So, we're currently waiting to hear back from said plumber who had to put in a quote with the owners and then get back here to change all the piping in the laundry and bathroom (bet that's going to cost a mint!)... Dave is going to call our agent tomorrow to find out how things are going because a month without proper clothes and body washing facilities in a family our size is a tad stressful!

But other than those two issues, living here is delightful!

I promised people photos of our back yard. The above only shows about half of it, it's HUGE! The boys have their own playground out there, and yesterday Erik told me he feels so "free" in our new back yard because he has room to roll on the grass!

And this is my absolute favourite part of the house, and on the weekend you can find me sitting out here for hours (mostly avoiding work!), soaking in the outdoors! I'm suddenly understanding why people love weekends so much (seriously have never understood the appeal of weekends when everything slows down so much, but am realising that was simply because my weeks weren't exactly high paced).

We discovered a nest in the tree right next to the back patio. Have a feeling it's old and unused, but couldn't see properly because the mamabird had cleverly tilted it away from the view! Still nice to know birds are comfortable nesting right next to the house! There used to be a next on top of our aircon unit at the old house and listening to the chicks cheeping was always life-affirming!

That same tree bears this kind of fruit, not ripe yet (I think), but I don't know what it is... Anyone in the know care to share?

This is what it looks like inside...

Ah yes, the back patio is a sanctuary in a crazy life!

The above photo is from the old back yard. I took the boys to the old house yesterday to say good bye before we locked up. There was some old toys still in the garage so they were excited to reacquaint themselves with those, too.

The old yard is looking quite lush after the rains but mostly it was quite a dust bowl each summer...

Our neighbours over there are into all sorts of home grown stuff. They have chooks and veggies and solar panels and are living examples of how to live a very green life in middle suburbia. This lovely pumpkin and made it's way to our side of the fence, and what a beauty it is! Too bad it wasn't quite ripe enough for us to take home, mmmmm, fresh organic pumpkin soup would have been lovely!

The boys checking out what else was growing on the other side of the fence. These neighbours were lovely, and we let them know they had a pumpkin growing on our side of the fence (well, it's not "our" side anymore, but they knew what we meant). When we were leaving they shook our hands and thanks us for being good neighbours - how lovely is that?


This is my attempt to take a photo of Ari sitting in the spot where he was born nearly 17 months ago. The boy didn't want a bar of my wander down memory lane, so this is best of several photos of him running out the room in increasing annoyance of my inability to accept that he's moved on from that point in his life!~ Anyway, that is the exact place where he entered the world!

It's hard to get four children to all look at the camera at the same time...

And when they eventually do, the odds of them all smiling at the same time are pretty small!

Yes, I MADE the boys hug a tree! Erik is obviously super enthused to be depicted in this compromising position - when he becoming minister for urban development, I'm gonna send this picture to the press!

Seriously though, this maple is THE REASON I applied for this house in the first place. She's so beautiful! She's been a lovely shady place to sit and play under for many hot summers and has provided a gorgeous red-gold carpet in our yard every autumn, and because of her I'm completely in love with the idea of having a maple in my front yard in whatever house we eventually buy! I'll seriously miss this tree!

Had to get at least one shot of this boy up against that old brown fence before we left.

Dave doing the final lock up. As always, he had to hold the barrel of the screen door lock to prevent it sliding out of place...

Luey playing with an old faithful today (Luey got this xylophone for his first Christmas and 8 years on it still look as new! Despite many, many hours of ear drum splitting play)...

One last photo of Erik against the fence. Such a contrast to the first photo of him standing there (which is still packed somewhere) where he was grinning from ear to ear with outstretched arms... He was such a clown when he was 5, and he tends to be so introspective now, at nearly 11...

Ari making sure we don't forget to take the ball home with us to the new house. I doubt he'll even remember number 12, but this is where he was born and that is only ONE of the many wonderful memories from that home we lived in for 5.5 years!

So, now we just have to unpack a few more boxes here (the study, essentially) and our BIG MOVE OF 2010 will be all done!

I have so much more to post about; my childcare prac and my thoughts on childcare, finding the local writers group (which I haven't had the guts to go to yet, but am trying to muster some up), our current financial desperation, our washing machine in the last throws of life (we absolutely cannot afford to replace it, but since the move it's been all but flooding the laundry with every wash, eek!). But alas, I'm once again out of time!

Please stay tuned! I promise I'll be back very soon!


katef said...

ooh look at that ace back yard!!!
So nice to say goodbye to one happy chapter of your lives while you embrace the next one as well.
No idea what that fruit is.. I want to suggest a quince but our quinces are light green and we've not opened one up to see inside yet... but maybe?

Mr B said...

Oh what lovely memories you all have of that house.

Rachael said...

I love the photos, Sif!

As for the fruit thing from the tree, maybe a pic of the leaves/tree to help? It reminds me of the seed pods on our camellia, but not sure?


Sif Dal said...

Rachael, the tree is the one with the nest in it, so you can see the leaves there, I guess it might be a camellia??? We had one near our front door at the old place, but never saw any fruit on it - or didn't notice it, anyway...

Good Job!