Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mormons should heed our "Beware of the Dave" sign on our front gate.

Late this morning Dave was in the midst of setting up two computers while single handedly also being the parent on duty of our two youngest while I was at school. The Telstra guy was coming around to install a cable connection into our new house and was due any time between 1pm and 6pm.

So, when there was a knock on the door at just before midday, Dave was very surprised (and knowing him, probably also annoyed) that the Telstra guy was arriving early.

However, when Dave answered the door, he was further surprise to see tow pretty, young Asian girls standing there smiling at him. Momentarily, it occurred to him that perhaps our landlords had decided to come and meet us, maybe welcome us to the house, or something (why he thought that is beyond me!).

Then one of the girls spoke,

"Hi, we're Korean and we have come today to ask you if you believe in God?"

Dave was a little taken aback, and not having a smart comment on hand to sling back at them he replied something along the lines of,

"I adhear to the philosophy of Joseph Campbell, that whether you believe in God or Buddha or fairies at the bottom of the garden, it's all an expression of the same thing."

One of the girls then said to him,

"But do you know why God is bringing about the distruction of the Earth in the end times?"

To which Dave replied, "Is he? I thought we were doing a pretty good job of that all by ourselves!"

Gotta love him! Who needs a dog when we have a Dave!

Anyway, they wanted to keep talking by he politely told them while he'd love to stand there chatting all day, he now had to go give his little man Bryn some lunch and bade them a lovely day.


Rachael said...

Ah love it Sif. Goodonya Dave, put those god botherers in their place lol.

I honestly don't get the door to door about a way to piss me off! (although I did buy art from that french guy at the door)

Jayne said...

haha go Dave :D

Bob said...

Are you sure they were Mormons? Sounds more like Jehovah's Witnesses to me.

Good Job!