Sunday, March 28, 2010

A picture paints a thousand words, but it also makes a house a home!

One of the things that really excited both Dave and myself about the new house was that every single wall (nearly) is adorned with a picture rail! Picture rails are a renter's best friend!!! For the past 5.5 years many of our prints (ok, they're mostly Dave's prints), had stood forelornly in a corner of the study like so many naughty little boys.

Today we hung a couple up.

As you enter our house, you are immediately met by the glowering gaze of one towering Orson Wells. I love this print, it kind of reminds me of my dad. I thought this would be the perfect place to hang it in case of burgulars - imagine breaking into this house at night and being greeted by that gaze!

Then as you close the door behind you and turn to your right to enter the loungeroom, Miles Davis greets you blowing his horn. Dave had this print mounted many years ago now, but never had anywhere to hang it in the old house. It's perfect in the loungeroom as the blue in the print compliments our blue lounge!

Next, Dave wanted to hang his "The Untouchables" print in the hallway on the wall adjacent to Orson, but I had to say no. It was going to be way too much masculine energy all at once - the moment guests walked in the door. Even though I'm the only female energy in the house, and as yet, I don't have any real prints of my own (a situation I plan to remedy as soon as possible, never you fear), I thought we needed a slightly softer energy to balance out all the machismo...

So, I've create a bit of rogue's gallery (yes, I know that's not the right term, but my boys can be rogues and this wall will exhibit their art)...

It's been so nice to walk through the house this afternoon and not just see bare walls! These really are the small touches that make a house a home!

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