Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grinning in the rain...

As I set out for my walk at 6.30 this morning, I noted that it was cold and there were a few puffy clouds around. There was evidence that it had been raining not so long ago, but there seemed to be no more rainclouds on the horizon, so I set off.

I got about halfway through my walk (so had walked about 3kms) and noticed the clouds gathering. By this stage I was nicely warmed up and enjoying the cold breeze. Then it started to drizzle. Ok, drizzle isn't too bad, a nice little spray of cool mist on my face was refreshing and I powered on.

Soon though the mist turned to drops and then the drops turned to sheets of pelting, ice cold rain.

This is where I remind you that Winter and I are not friends. Moreover, I loathe rain. Even on hot Summer days, I still loathe it. I'm not a fan of getting wet. Once in water, I love water, but the process of getting wet is less than pleasant for me...

So, you'd think once it started pouring, I would have been cursing the gods for not rewarding my efforts to improve my fitness by let the sun shine.

Oddly enough, I felt exhilarated! It could have been that I was really hot, and my cheeks were flushed to the point of feeling hot and tight and so the cold water on my face felt good. It could have been the feeling of complete surrender that came from the knowledge that I had no option but to keep walking because I hadn't brought change for the bus and I didn't have time to wait it out under a tree (that would have been quite a wait, anyway). It could have been the thought of how entertaining the sight of an oversized drowned rat huffing and puffing along the road side must have been for the early morning commuters...

Whatever it was, it felt good, and it surprised me to feel good under those circumstances. Lately, I've felt a whole lot of bad, and so feeling good at 7am out in the 7 degrees celcius rainy day, seemed hilariously ironic to me in the moment.

So, as I marched onward in the rain, I passed a couple of Tafe students huddled under a bus shelter, and passed my grin onto them, and they grinned right back at me!

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