Thursday, May 06, 2010

I understand people who cut themselves...

I don't cut myself, but i understand the motives of people who do.

When you feel pain and you have no control over how and when the suffering is inflicted, it makes sense to inflict suffering on yourself because the pain will come anyway but at least this way you are in control of it.

Purposeful self inflicted suffering feels more dignified because it is a choice and you can stop (though, why would you?).

So, yeah, i don't cut myself, but i sympathise with those who do. When you realise how very little control you have over your own life, self inflicted pain becomes about reclaiming control.

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Jayne said...

Yes everything you said- plus one other thing. Physical pain is often preferable to emotional pain, so given the choice some people prefer to attempt to lessen the emotional pain by focusing on physical pain instead.

Good Job!