Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No shortage of churches around here!

So, I've been walking around my suburb in the past three days. I have two routes I've mapped out for myself; a 4.5km walk, and then a 6.3km for when I'm feeling up to a bit more. The first couple of days I walked I did the shorter route and was quite surprised to pass 4 churches! I tend to walk most main roads in this area and those four churches were found on two of those roads. The were all traditional looking churches and belonged to the Uniting church (1), the Catholic church (1), the Salvos (1) and the Anglican church (1).

Then this morning I did my longer walk (mostly to see how much long it actually takes and how taxing it is). This walk doesn't pass any of the four churches I'd passed before, but I found two more churches on another main road. These two were modern, penticostal churches with playgrounds for the children and full "convention centre" type facilities.

Besides these 6 churches, I also know of at least 4 other churches in my smallish suburb. Ten churches in one suburb... You'd think God lived here!

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Tabs said...

I grew up in a town with a population of about 40 and it had three churches.

Good Job!