Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The second half of the year is going to be BRILLIANT!

I'm getting a little excited now!

Some good things have happened this week that give me a bit of hope about the second half of the year...

  • Dave's driving instructor told him that soon he'd be booking Dave in for his driving test and Dave would receive a receipt in the mail (I'm assuming that'll be in the next month or so).
  • Bryn went on his first ever play date to a mates house without a parent or sibling for support, he's making friends at Kinder!
  • I found out I've completed my placement hours for general placement and only have 20 hours of Kinder placement left.
  • When I let the director of my placement CCC know I wouldn't be coming back for placement now, she was very encouraging about keeping me on the books and calling me when they needed relief work - she double checked that she had the right contact number, so I'm hopeful of being called in in future.
So, right now the second half of 2010 is looking bright! This is what I'm seeing for us.

  • I am working two days a week.
  • Dave is working two days a week.
  • Dave has his license and drives with confidence!
  • Bryn is full of confidence about starting school next year and transition from kinder to school is smooth.
  • I'm much more involved with Bryn's kinder, which leads to them offering to let me do placement there next year when I do the diploma!
  • I'm also more involved in the boys classrooms, which smooths over some of the rough bits created at the beginning of the school year.
  • With all the extra money Dave and I are earning with our part time work each, we're not only getting ahead with the utilities and have surplusses on those accounts, but we've started saving money as well!
  • I'm visiting my mum, on my own, for a weekend!
  • I'm feeling inspired to write and my writing will BE inspired!
  • I'm finishing my thesis on time!
I can feel it all coming together, the sunshine's rays are spread around the dark clouds and burning them away! All the hard work is being beautiful, plump, sweet fruit!

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Mr B said...

That all sounds great Sif :-)

Good Job!