Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Starting to get back into the writing groove.

I've been doing some reading for my thesis research. Not technical reading... Fiction reading. As part of my research I'm supposed to read works marketed at the same market of readers that I'm shooting for. Admittedly, I've only read one book (yes, I realise I've been working on this Masters for nearly three years now.), but even that one book has been inspirational for me.

From there, I decided to follow the author on Twitter. Then I decided to follow a bunch of other writers on Twitter.

Twitter has been a place for me. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the light entertainment it offers, and I love being able to catch up with friends via tweets. Sadly, the medium has not been all love and light. The nature of it being that you can dip in and out of "conversations" between all your "friends" on Twitter has meant that I've gotten myself into trouble on Twitter more than once. I've read back on conversations which have turned into debates and as the tension escalated, I've invested more and more emotionally in my pov and not been able to let go of my frustration. Recently, I deleted my original Twitter account after a particularly upsetting interaction because I was unable to cope. After a few days of cooling down, I started a new account and added people I don't find myself tempted to get into debates with.

Then I realised something else, Twitter could have a whole new emphasis in my life. Not one of second hand socialising, but one of information gathering, of learning from people with more experience in an area where I don't have much experience (and therefore no strong opinions or emotional investment). It could be a way to put my finger on the pulse of Australian writing and publishing.

I added the Emerging Writer's Festival, the Melbourne Writer's Festival and the Wheeler Centre to my "friends", from there I've discovered a range of local and not quite so local Aussie writers!

I'm feeling enthused, excited, inspired, all over again...

As my Cert III is drawing to an end, I'm feeling the energy returning to get back into writing - and not before time!


Jayne said...

Yay for getting back into writing! WRT Twitter- I love it, purely due to the dip in and out factor. Im a big believer in having a range of people from all walks of life in my tweet stream. I follow writers, early childhood & primary teachers & writers, bloggers, artists, designers, WAHM/Ds,midwives, mums from forums, real life friends, assorted others who've added me and a few celebrities. Basically people who tweet about stuff in which I have an interest, personally and study/career wise. I find it a wonderful source of information and inspiration as well as a fun and fast way to chat!

Rachael said...

Yeah I noticed I've been dropped! I don't remember having a 'debate' with you so I'll try not to take it personally ;).

Rachael said...

Actually you know what, I *do* take it personally. Of course it's personal. I'm a friend in quotes. *sigh*

I've invested time interacting with people that really at the end of the day wouldn't notice if I dropped off the planet or not.

Yes you can call me naive for expecting more than that.

All the best.

Sif Dal said...

Rach, it's about having debates, not having had debates. I guess twitter for me is no longer a place where I want to have discussions. I'm still on Facebook - as I've told others. I'm still available to all my previous twitter contacts, I haven't dropped anyone.

Sif Dal said...

LOL, you're possibly feeling the way I felt when I went to your blog and found it was private and I hadn't received any kind of invite or notice to let you know I wanted to read it... I know you didn't mean that as some sort of insult to me :).

Rachael said...

Sif my blog is private to everyone right now as I decide what to do with it. So no-one got invites and I am not currently blogging. If I was I would have invited you.

Good Job!