Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unpainted paintings...

Sheesh, it's Wednesday night already!

Running into the final weeks of this Certificate now. Two more weeks of classes after tomorrow, and then Kinder placement, then one more week, then we're done! I'm starting my kinder placement a week early because the kinder I'm going to only does morning sessions and so two weeks wouldn't be quite enough for me to gain my 40 hours of experience. Only tomorrow and two more days next week at the Early Learning Centre where I've done all my workplacement to date - WOW!

We have an anaphylaxis training session on Saturday, which tickles my funny bone a bit because for two year Erik had an epipen, and I knew how to use it, but it's been nearly a year since he was cleared for his peanut allergy and here I am finally doing an "official" certificate in the use of epipens! Irony much?

Today, Dave put in two job applications for "casual freelance" positions. Fingers crossed please (everyone who cares, that is) that he gets one of those jobs and there is plenty of work, and he can start immediately and work from home!

He has a stall at the Emerging Writers Fest this coming Sunday, which will be good for him!

Next Sunday, my brother is coming over for another visit. So, half of next weekend is booked up already, and this brings me to the title of this blog post...

As you can see, life is no less hectic than last time I posted, and this evening as I sat down to my computer (in my freshly tidied study! ~ we had a house inspection yesterday, which meant lots of unusual cleaning from me), that the large canvas I bought three weeks ago is still sitting in it's cling-wrapped pristine-ness next to my desk. I had meant to paint it for the bedroom, but life ha been so crazy I just haven't had the time to set aside to do anything in the way of self-expression. I also still have my belly cast (from when I was pregnant with BRYN!) sitting in my bedroom wardrobe...

I'm itching to get these done, but I feel like I need some breathing room to let my creativity flow.

Today in class we had a kinder activities class. I walked in to find my classmates sitting at various stations around the room doing jigsaw puzzles, sticking stickers to paper, cutting, gluing and drawing. We spent the day doing these things, as well as singing children's songs, playing games and creating fun stuff like coloured salt bottles and ironed crayon stained windows. These things meant that I left class today feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, instead of harrassed and tired.

Tomorrow, we're going to Reverse Art, as well as some other art suppliers (I think, or it could be $2 shops, I was too blissed out on creatiing stuff to listen properly)...

It just reminded me that I really need to prioritise a little me time to paint those canvasses that are crying out for my attention!

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