Thursday, June 24, 2010

Conversation with my 10 year old about the political events in Australia today...

E: We have a female Australian Prime Minister mum!
Me: Is it important that she's a woman or that she's the right person for the job?
E: That she's the right person for the job!
Me: Is she the right person for the job?
E: Yes!
Me: Why?
E: Well, I'm assuming she is...
Me: Why?
E: Because of what Rudd did.
Me: Is she going to be different?
E: Yes!
Me: How do you know?
E: I'm assuming she's going to be different...
Me: Has she said she's going to be different?
E: No.
Me: So, how will we know? When Rudd became Prime Minister it was because he told us what he would do if he became Prime Minister, and we liked what we heard, but Gillard has become Prime Minister because people didn't like what Rudd did. So, how will we know if Gillard is right for the job and will do things differently?
E: We'll have to wait and see...
Me: And what happens when you ASSUME?
E: You make and ASS out of you and me...
Me: Which means?
E: You don't think about it, you just guess what you think could be right and you make everyone look idiotic...

That's my boy!

Honestly, I think my 10 year old has more sense than a lot of the commentary I've seen on Facebook and Twitter in the past 18 hours. Gillard might actually be EXACTLY what Australia needs right now, but she has yet to reveal HER PLAN for Australia, so let's just wait and see...

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