Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Days like this...

Today, I wished

  • My children slept in
  • My children didn't squabble
  • For sunshine
  • For money to go out and do something fun
  • Dave had his license so we could get out of the house with less effort
  • It wasn't school holidays
  • I had more patience
  • I had earmuffs
  • It was warmer
  • We'd had a couple more numbers on our lotto ticket from last night
  • My children would LISTEN!
Today, I was grateful for

  • A friends visit
  • A short walk to the park
  • Laughs on Youtube
  • The fact that today is just one day in amongst many many days that aren't like this...
Days that are like this... Take it away Van!

Tomorrow is a NEW day, full of great possibilities!

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